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Hello, I am mukunoki's owner, toshio!
mukunoki is one of the many shopping services located in Japan.
However, there are 2 things mukunoki can pride itself on:

  1. Shopping Service site for Music Genre
  2. Trust relationship with Customers

Toshio Mukuta

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The shops listed are only a few of many web shops.
So don't worry,
orders from other online shops are more than welcome!

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Mukunoki service

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For a single item, even for a total of $1000
service fee is a flat rate of 3600YEN!
To support girls who purchase clothing over $200.

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Available for purchases between 1YEN-2000YEN
4 Get 1 Free ! 10 Get 3 Free!

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Ideal ticket for organizing group orders with friends.
Up to 3 people, 6 items total - Service Fee of 6600YEN
Limited to 3 (three) per day, in testing stage.

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Good evening! Here is a package from Japan.

At 19:10, I was having spaghetti.

"This is for you...What is it?"
I was choked up with spaghetti when my mom asked me
But I just said "nothing special" and didn't answer the question.

But I was actually shouting in my heart!! "Yes, yes!!
These are the shoes that I ordered 6 days ago!"
I couldn't wait to finish the spaghetti.

I started ripping off the box with my fork.
Then, I found a pair of "sparkling" shoes that I'd been dying to have for a long time.
"So pretty!" I will bring them to school tomorrow!...wait!!

I should take a picture of them and show them off to my friends before that.
I was so lucky that I could get them in the auction!



mukunoki shopping mall starts on 2010 in winter!

concept is we will break the shopping mall wall


the concept is bresking the bounderlines of shopping

mukunoki shopping mall is an international shopping portal site
we will take  the  fee from japanese shops  so we  will offer a free service fee
to  overseas customers.


You can enjoy the shopping as if you are living in japan!

please tell us  your favorite japanese web shops right now
You do not have to pay  any  money to use a shopping service anymore!



To J Rock Fans

Mukunoki helps support everyone who are J-rock fans and who love clothes with this shopping service.
Also, we have 2 special services you can't find anywhere else.

  1. We support your auction service with 100% auction refund ( if seller did not send it)
  2. For just the price of a cup of coffee per day, you can become a fanclub member.

In addition , we have a rock community Mukurock.
Want to find a new band? Want to have a new partner?
Want to show off the things that you won in an auction?
We support your exciting life!

Customers' Voice

Kathi who gave me a chocolate.
kathi ( Germany)

Hello Muku ^^
I hope you are doing well !
well, the smallest gift is from my mother! Its her favorite!
the middle one is my favorite! Its made by my fathers company " heinemann café"

I hope you will like it !
take care !
kathi Germany

k pon ( UK)

so your letter and sweeties are finally here !
a lot of sweeties for you ! Don’t get too fast eating them! Ehe

come to UK soon! I want to go to Japan soon ;(
elizabeth says hello so I hope you like candy!
see you soon muku , nana!
k pon UK

( Maria/ alison )

こんにちは! Mukuu
have you ever been to fanuil hall?
its fun and pretty ! I might study in japan this summer!

alison says hello!





world work community

A bridge between the Indie Rock Bands and the Fans.

Also, we have a rock community.
Wants to find a new band. Wants to have a new partner.
Wants to show off the things that you falling of the hammer…etc.
We support you exciting life!


mukunoki mission

  1. We provide service with safety (auction refund system) and fun (a rock community)
    to girls in their 20's who are J-rock fans and who love Japanese fashion outside of Japan.
    As a result, we have become the center of the spread of J-rock around the world.
  2. At the same time,
    if you expect or rely on us for everything, we cannot always accept.
    Please read our rules before ordering and we will do everything we can for you.
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